Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lightweight Fibreglass Planters

One of the hottest trends to emerge in the gardening world has been a move towards stylish lightweight fibreglass pots. This is great news for city gardeners who want to chop and change their potted displays or have the flexibility to move colour and interest to where it’s needed most. Lightweight planters are also perfect for older gardeners or renters who have to move their pots by necessity.

At Bliss we have a new range of these planters and troughs that are made from a unique combination of fibreglass and clay, so they’re tough and easy to maneuver, even when full of potting mix and plants. Plus, they come in a stylish range of modern colours like sandstone and lead – perfect for modern planting schemes.

We hope to expand our range in the near future because we can see already just how popular these fabulous pots are.

Pictured below are the Sahara Balcony Planters and Troughs in 'Cream' and 'Lead'. The Troughs are available in 3 sizes. The Planters are taller than the Troughs and are available in 2 sizes.

Large 80cm (w) x 40cm (d) x 40cm (h)
Medium 60cm (w) x 30cm (d) x 30cm (h)
Small 50cm (w) x 23cm (d) x 23cm (h)

Large 60cm (w) x 30cm (d) x 50cm (h)
Small 50cm (w) x 20cm (d) x 40cm (h)